Entire brewing system:

The complete hobby brewery including the theoretical description of the associated brewing process is presented under this link.

In practical use, the brewing system is explained here with the individual brewing steps using the example of a rye beer.

The “Rührteufel”:

The “Rührteufel”, a mash agitator with or without external temperature control, is available in three versions, all of which are described in detail on this homepage in word, image and sound or will be described in the future.

Rührteufel 1.0

Basic version of the mash agitator without external temperature control. This variant has been completed and is dealt with in detail on the homepage in a video and many photos.

All information about version 1.0 can be found here.

Rührteufel 2.0

Building on the “Rührteufel 1.0”, but with external temperature control “Malzflüsterer” with manual temperature specification. This variant is also completed, can be seen in the picture above and described on the homepage.

All information about version 2.0 can be found here.

Rührteufel 3.0

Digital version with computer-aided temperature profiles to automate the entire mashing process. This version is currently in the “idea phase”. As soon as there is something new, it will be published on the homepage.

All information about version 3.0 can be found here.