Vapor hood

The vapor hood reliably discharges the steam generated to the outside when hops are being cooked, so that brewing is also possible in closed rooms without the formation of condensation. Due to the short pipe length (200 cm), additional active ventilation is not necessary. The downward gradient after the 87 degree HT bend is 3%, which is sufficient to reliably transport the condensate to the pipe end.

The hood itself is made of a solid stainless steel bowl (diameter 40 cm), in the bottom of which a hole (diameter 121 mm) has been cut to accommodate the sleeve.

The degree of evaporation measured with a water volume of 20 liters is 10% / hour (2 liters / hour). Of these, 5.75% (1.15 liters / hour) leave the pipe end as steam, the rest (4.25% or 0.85 liters / hour) flow out as condensate.

Vapor hood in operation:


More vapor hoods from the “St. Gerolsthaler” can be found here. These work with mist nozzles or the Venturi principle.